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I was a beautiful day yesterday and a good start to the season dogging. Me and Ronnie decided to go into the pandamovies woods for a little action surrey. My wife Ronnie 47yr old slag wearing a very short denim skirt and a tiny string g underneth white against her smooth shaved pussy a pair of strong and high heels almost naked under it, only a small white bikini pandamovies top her pert tits small shed, but since it's a little cold that pandamovies was covered with a cropped jacket in these blanks. We close A3/M25 and went to the parking lot and sat there for a while there were a couple of guys sat down, so you got out the blanket and walked across the parking towrds the forest. To call attention to the sexiest guys Ronnie walks with the strut / moving scene ever, and then leaned over the strap of his shoe. I can set a pace behind him and stepped back I could clearly see her skirt and squeezed her white thong against her stockings. Ronnie began to say what she believed in that day, ' I think we want to get one orce so'She fat dick coz I hope to do today that I will. I said, ' Yes, you pandamovies really want a scum today'She replied:' Yes, the worst in history. Straw gave you the rest of the week We are still a place in the trees, I realized that ben followed by three men and the joy of Ronnie was one of them was a black man muscle movements. We sat on the carpet that Ronnie had with us and sat with knees drawn up and shared, but you could still see clearly pandamovies through her ​​skirt. I notced guys are always near and started to modify the. Ronnie opened and took her bikini breasts so they were in place and pert nipples with red and upright, I began to suck, I reach down and spread their legs and her pussy is started through her ​​stockings rubbing at this point, the three boys in the neighborhood and Ronnie said no ' be shy, ' went to the edge of the carpet and Ronnie said,'your cock out'At this time I got up and grabbed my cock. Ronnie was on his elbow and StarsTed playing with her ​​tits and nipples and rubbing her pussy alternately. jerk cocks in front of their eyes, but his eyes had turned black cock in more than 10 kids ' and fat. I knew what she wanted, she asked his name and said she said Leo 'come on the carpet 'immediately knelt between her spread legs. Ronnie was just looking at its tail in a trance. Lent forward and took her hand and slowly towrds s thighs her pussy, her body trembling and mouth slightly open and licked his lips. This Leo took the bend of her stockings and opened it. cried out excitedly. Then he took black and thick fingers and pulled her now wet and see through little white g string aside and began to pandamovies finger his fingers black. I was masturbating my dick ridges, my wife knows how I looked through this hand black pussy pink fingers. Ronnie opened his mouth and his tail had wheezing andLeo to masturbate slowly. Ronnie leaned over and offered his huge black cock in the mouth of white slag, tookhold hand pandamovies and looked at the straw that slowly, slowly wrapped her lips around it and began to lick and suck like a woman possessed. looked at me and smiled, she took him by the mouth and the traffic is great thanks honey'Leo said'This said'Are youready to fuck my black cock'She fuck I said yes. Want at this time gave me a condom when Ronnie offered to Leo To my surprise, always safe sex though I have Ronnie said'No his hot cum in me you may Lickit of hun ' Leo smiled and stood between his legs, came Ronnie down and open her pussy, and I saw his white cock pussy closer to my wife without protection was so wet that trickled jucie. enteredher helmet Pusy Leo stretched his pink lips around his black shaft. little by little, Ronnie hidden fed cock deep into her pussy panting and groaning every inch while looking in the eyes of Leo. s soon as he had it all, he started pandamovies pumping slowly and at orRonnie ut hip response rate. I did not want a lot longer than I had my cock, jerk than ever so hard. Leo began to accelerate, and Ronnie was always stronger 'fuck fuck me hard with his hips to meet me hot masturbating cum'Her always push and the sensation of total penetration. I was, that Leo was about to cum and tight ass, and he was a grunt, and began to empty his sperm into my wife. that really struck while pushing deep and Roniie and jived in the queue as if it came to the last drop of his dick. read as he pandamovies was on his knees and Ronnie sat and stared to lick and suck his cock clean, and kiss the balls to say it was very good. Leo stood up and immediately slipped between the legs of Ronnie and began licking cum pussy Leos, and that came from his lips red and swollen. s I paid and looked to change the face of Ronnie brave and I took his cock in her pandamovies pussy swollen. I knew t was wet nd] very careless and did not last long beforeMy cun shot in the side view of it. While this I had not realized that the other guys semen on the carpet watchinh in Ronnie 's legs and hair. seemed a reality Hoare and wants more. Upon pandamovies returning to the parking lot here because Leo was in his car and waiting for Ronnie Sadi. She went to her pandamovies car and was there for a few minutes. When he returned, smiling old said she got her number and take with them a couple of times. I said, I'm fine with that as long as they cum filled pussy licking home to me, as I said everything about it brings. This morning, Ronnie has had doctors pandamovies in a morning-after pill
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